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We are associated with Shri Munshi Ram Mittal Memorial Seva Samiti Blood Bank which is being supervised by Dr. Pradeep Sharma (MD- Pathology) and Dr. Surendra Singh (DIHBT). It is a Component Facility Blood Bank with SDP,RDP,FFP,PRC,WB availability round the clock.

The Blood Bank adheres to strict quality control measures and is very particular in issuing the right product to the patients in need after thorough testing.

The Blood Bank also organizes Blood Donation Drives and Camps to voluntarily collect blood to issue components to patients.

There is a constant effort made to motivate, inspire, encourage and influence patient’s relatives and friends to donate blood at our Blood Bank.

During difficult days and during any crisis (natural or man-made) the Blood Bank always strives to work towards helping patients not only belonging to S B Mittal Hospital but also catering to the need of anyone and everyone in the city.

The Blood Bank is inspected and audited for its products by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) who guides and checks standards laid by them to see that implementation of all is done correctly by the Blood Bank. There is also an internal audit of work processes and improvement of systems to minimize wastage and also to optimally utilize the components of blood efficiently.