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The department of Radiology at S.B. Mittal Hospital Sikar is a professional department fully focused on providing best possible patients care.


We provide facilities Conventional Radiology, Ultrasound, Mammography, Color Doppler and Image guided Procedures and therapies in teamwork with clinician to OPD patient as well as to indoor patients round the clock.


  • X- Ray
    • -I.V.P, MCU, Cystogram, Urethrogram including for children also.
    • -Barium Enema including emergency studies for Intussusceptions in children.
    • -Barium Swallow
    • -Leak test for confirmation of good anastomosis after weight reducing surgery.
    • -Barium Meal Upper GIT and Follow Through for TB/ Intestinal Obstruction
    • -HSG for Infertility patients.
    • -Sinogram/fistulogram / Cologram
    • -Venography of Limbs-Contrast study for blood vessels.
  • Ultrasound and color Doppler
  • Ultrasound and color Doppler
  • 3-D & 4-D ultrasound
  • Interventional radiology
    • -General procedures
    • -Biopsy
    • -Gastroenterology Procedures
    • -Urology Procedures
    • -Gynecology Procedures
    • -Vascular Radiology
    • -Diagnostic Angiography